Friday, December 9, 2016

Rest of March-April

Sphero finally came into our life. The kids only had to be perfect for 5 weeks in order to buy it with their own money!
Tuffy reads to Coal.
Berg and Pella read to Coal.
 April Fools! Mama pulls a great upside down water cups prank on all the kids!
April kayaking on Lake Steilacoom.
April 3 bread making with the Craigs.
April 5 seed planting day.
We now have five boys!?! That's a lot of boys watching one iPad.

Baby Coal

I took a bunch of pictures of Coal on March 29th to make a baby announcement, which I never printed and sent out. But I did make him one! These are my favorites.

Here's the announcement of our little baby #8:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Resurrection Sunday 2016

First we dress up in our Easter Sunday matching clothes and take pictures by the lake. Good think we already had these clothes from Dodie's wedding! Nonnie made a cute little tie for Coal to match. All the kids used to fit in this basket at one point, now the big five had to stand behind it!

Coal's Easter basket picture for his first Resurrection Sunday! Every baby has had their picture taken in this basket at Easter.

The Nonnie and Poppie picture.

Our first family of ten picture.

This year was full of hunts.

 In the morning, before church the kids had a hunt and found four kayaks on the roof of the garage!
The strong boys carried them all down so the girls didn't have to get their dresses dirty.

Then after church when all the family came over, we had an egg hunt. Dada is telling them about the special golden egg, which cousin Ian found in the bushes.

We had a lovely meal at our two Restoration Hardware tables. (Our first table's finish was scratching off very easily so they replaced it right away, but left us with the original one for a couple of months. They finally came to take the nicked one back after this.)

Then we had the Basket hunt. There were two kid baskets, one with lots of little kid toys and one with two big laptops! And Dada found his basket, too!

More March, Baby!

Big Baby, Little Baby

Sweet Baby Coal

Yay, Berg! You passed another Phonics level! Mud Pie for everyone!

Awana Crazy Hair Night! Dada is the T&T Director this year!

Dada fixed the main water line to the house. Time to fill it back in! (Picking up rocks now becomes the main consequence for months. Thanks broken water line!)

March 20th - Tuffy walks! Watch out - everyone!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


So to make sure that Coal would continue to breath on his own without stopping, and look at his heart a little more, he stayed in his NICU room for a couple more days. Each day he had less wires hooked up to him, he ate more and more from Mama,

and even had his first little sponge bath and turned as red as a lobster!

At one point we heard rumblings of them moving him to another shared nursery, but when we asked one of our doctors if she knew my uncle, they let us stay and we never heard any more about it! (Everyone knew him by the way, he's like a doctor celebrity!)

The mom's of babies in the NICU meet and do crafts and while we were there they made Coal a sign for his room and a whale onesie! 

On March 14, we were able to bring our bundle home!! Goodbye, hospital that was long enough, thank you.

The kids and Poppie and Nonnie, who had been watching the kids after Auntie Tonya and Uncle Chris took the first couple days, made us a welcome home sign! They boogied up here after being told that we were having the baby even though they had just started their first ski run that morning in Mammoth.

All the kids were excited to finally be able to hold their little Coaly even though they had to wear masks for the first week he was home when they held him. Sickness was going through our house and we really didn't want they poor boy to go through more that he had to already.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Coal's Birth

The morning of March 9th, our midwife called to tell us that we had to go to the hospital to have the baby. It turns out that all that itching I'd been having was the result of bile building up in my skin because my liver was producing way too much of it and if we didn't get the baby out, my body would end up killing him! It's called cholestasis. So we took our belly picture and headed to St. Joe's hospital.

This was a different birthing experience. The hurry up and wait, the change over of many nurses during our stay, being told what to do, constrained by many contraptions, a slow Pitocin induced labor, the sterile environment, the T.V. that I couldn't stop watching (a marathon show all about people over 600 lbs), having to pee every 5 minutes while being hooked up to an IV during contractions and horrible coughing fits (I was so sick.), and, oh, did I mention the itching, insane itching! I really appreciated our "normal" fast births. But I praised God that we were here in this hospital and that our little man would be here soon.

I was able to spend most of that first day in the tub, which was better than nothing.  Lots of hard, but not hard enough contractions all day, going pee, a lot, and coughing. Then, we think, because the doctor wanted to go home for dinner, he turned my Pitocin down for the evening and I got to have a long, not restful night, full of contractions that just keep you awake, but aren't as hard as before and wondering why we aren't just having this baby if we had to rush in here.

The next afternoon, the doctor turned back up the Pitocin and then I thought, "Oh, I know this feeling, now the baby will come any second!" But no. That feeling lasted all day and still no baby. The doctor told us that we needed to break my water, and when I asked why and the nurse tried to ask on my behalf he got into it with the nurse. He and the nurse had a whole "conversation" in the hallway. And then the hospital manager had to come in and apologize. I finally decided that breaking the water was a good plan when after another whole day of contractions and no progress, (I was dilated to a one.) I started feeling chipper and fine and not in pain at all.  

So my waters were broke, and I got into this lovely position, because I couldn't have the baby in the water. Not allowed. And within minutes the baby came right out. I felt much more tired and it was much more painful than my other births.

At 6:41pm on March 10th, we had a beautiful little man! At 6 lbs 2oz, 19 inches he was a good size for being one month premature. Right away he cried, they put him on my stomach and the doctor yanked the placenta out and was washing up.

Then Becky, the good nurse, who stood up for us earlier, checked Baby Thumper and realized he was purple and not breathing and she whisked him away, pulled an emergency cord and doctors and nurses flooded the room to tend to our brand new Johnson. At first the doctor who delivered him tried to listen with his stethoscope as the nurse felt for a pulse. He said, "There's no heart beat." as a matter of fact in his Egyptian accent and Becky almost yelled at him, "There's a heartbeat, it's just SLOW!" Then he backed away as all the other doctors arrived, slipped out of the room and we never saw him again.

I feel like God had prepared me for all of this, because I wasn't worried at all. Before he was born, I imagined him not breathing as soon as he came out, so when they laid him on me, I was a bit surprised and thought, "Wow, this is it? Nothing is wrong with him? I get to actually hold him?" That didn't last long before they took him way to get him breathing again, but when they did, I realized that God had been preparing me for something. It was just delayed. I got to hold him first. We prayed as they worked on him. Dada cried.

Ten minutes later he was stable and we got to kiss him before they took him up to the NICU. Apparently, he had what's called secondary apnea which takes resuscitation. He didn't have much stimulation after birth. We usually "play" with our babies a lot right after they're born. But I was is such an awkward position and being at the hospital I figured they knew what they were doing, so I just kept him right there laying on my stomach. I should've known better and played with him. Not that that would've changed anything. I think we were in the hospital for a reason.

Dada got to go see him in his new room before they hooked up all his tubes and put him in the incubator.

Poppie and Nonnie brought the kids to the hospital around 9pm to see us. They couldn't see the baby though. Actually, I hadn't even seen the baby again yet. This birth was especially hard on Kivi Pea who was really looking forward to seeing this birth live, in our hot tub, in our room. Now she couldn't even see him at all and she was very worried that she wouldn't get to see him ever. Poor baby.

At 11pm we were able to go up to Thumper's room and see him! We had tried to go earlier, but they had him hog tied to try and get an IV in him in every vein they could. They couldn't. 

So when we saw him he had prick marks everywhere. They tried on his hands, feet, arms, all over, even his umbilical cord, but no success. So they put a feeding tube down his nose.

His nurse wrapped him up so we could hold him.

 We even got to take his "Kissing Picture"!! Happy Birthday, Coal Lyon! How do we love you so much already?!!

The next morning, after sleeping in our hospital room, we went back to Coal's room and found out that he had stopped breathing again during the night. So they would be keeping him for a while. We gave him the name Coal, because it's a rock, we'll always remember he was our Cholestasis (pronounced cole uh stay sis)  baby, and after my sister Buggy who we called Coley and Lyon, a family name on Mama's side of the family, plus Lyon is just a great name. 

 Then we fed him and spent the whole day just looking at his cute little face. 

 We love you so much, Coal! Your brothers and sisters all love you and are excited to see you even though you have scared them all! Everyone is praying for you and can't wait to meet you. We know God has a great plan for you, because He saved your life three times already! You are a mira - Coal!