Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Rest of Aug. 2017

August 21st - Our viewing of the eclipse. Eben and Jasper invented some glasses for us so we could stare at the sun and we all went down to the lake and set up theater style seating to watch the minute long show.  We also invented an eclipse dance, similar to the hokey pokey.
Aug. 23 & 26th parties at our house. We have hosted many parties this summer, although we have had no kitchen and are ourselves eating every meal outdoors. But it's been the warmest summer and we've had no rain so it's worked out. These parties are middle school and home school ones.
Aug. 26th - While we were out eating dinner with some friends the kids called to say there was a bat in the house. We told them to leave the back door open and close the door to all the bedrooms. When we got home it was gone, but the kids did a great job not freaking out like I know some adults in this situation have done! They even got some pictures of their new friend. This guy was big!
Aug 29th - Dada tiles the dining room and kitchen floors! Actually, this took almost a month to finish. Every night he'd come home from work mix a 50 lb. bag of mortar and lay two rows.
Sept. 2nd - Nonnie would take the kids, mainly Pella and Berg, to the condo pool and have swimming lessons all through the summer. So they gave us a swimming show.
The Schocks and our big kids, Nonnie, Poppie and Grandpa Schock all went on an excursion floating down the creek from Lake Steilacoom to Chambers Bay. They stopped along the way at Kobiyashi Park where the little kids and I were all waiting with lunch. At the end of the journey most all of the tubes were popped, it was not a well beaten path, but quite the adventure!

Kivi's 12th Camping Birthday!

Kivi, again, wanted to go camping for her birthday this year. We had to wait until August to make that happen, but she didn't mind.
She invited four of her close, adventurous friends to join her.
We found a beautiful camp spot at La Wis Wis campground and even though it had no running water, the creek that the girls constantly played in was gorgeous. They found rocks to climb, jump off, slide on and named them all.
We brought meals that could all be roasted over the fire; hot dogs wrapped with crescent rolls for dinner and eggs cooked in the shell for breakfast and of course lots of s'mores. They even tried roasting strawberries. 
Sharpie beards and mustaches while roasting s'mores are a tradition now.
The girls were busy! They played games, played in the creek, went on a long hike with Peter along waterfalls (I slept in the tent.) and even jumped off a huge cliff!
On the way home we stopped by Grove of the Patriarchs, a short hike to some really old pine trees, and painted the scenery. 

Kivi, you are so loved! You have some amazing friends and are a great friend to others. You shine wherever you go. You have an adventurous spirit and are encouraging to others. You try new things, hate to miss out on new opportunities and make everything a competition. You like to win. You like to plan and are a natural leader. You also love to help others and are so wonderful with all your siblings, especially your babies. You are neat, clean and careful but can also be spontaneous and crazy. You have great things planned for serving God's kingdom and I know He will use your talents and love for others for His glory! We love you, Sweet Pea! Happy 12th Birthday!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

First 1/2 of August 2017

Aug. 4th - The big kids and Dada all ran the Luma Fun Glow Run 4US  5K while Tuff, Coal and I waited and cheered them on.

Aug 7th - The day after Coal got his 6 shots he broke out with this all over his body!
Kivi and Grace ran a day camp for a week to earn money for their trip to Bolivia in 2018!
All 8 kiddos on the tubes! The babies love it! After we pull all of them we take off Tuff and Coal and let the bigs have a crazy ride.

Aug. 8th - My big, blue-eyed Berg.

Aug. 11th-13th - LC3's Family Reunion at Black Lake Bible Camp! This year Peter and I teamed up with other couples to do skits instead of the traditional programming. 
The Saturday games were tons of fun - especially the foam!

Pella decided that she wanted to be baptized this year and was so super cute and nervous when giving her little testimony.

Aug. 16th - A surprise 4D ultrasound of our Baby Hula due on Nov. 2nd!
The kids all wanted to sleep outside under the stars. We roasted marshmallows first and then tucked them all in. Only Eben and Kivi lasted the whole night.

Aug. 17th - I gave the girls this fairy house and told them to have fun with it outside and they made a whole village. It kept them busy the whole summer.

July 2017

July 7-9th - B-Dog's 40th Birthday Bash

July 13th - Contractors install the cabinets and kids color the backs so we have time capsule drawings on the back of them.

July 16th - The Tague Aunts and Uncles come over to play and tube and Nonnie and Poppie make us all dinner. They have been living with us for weeks now, while they fix up their old rental house on Lake Louise so they can move in. Mimi comes to visit for two weeks.

July 17th-22nd (Actually most of the summer) Eben and Kivi spend a lot of time working on their wake surfing and wake boarding skills. The new dry suit boosts confidence.

July 22nd - We take a day trip to the Puget Sound Navy Museum and played in the water at these cool erupting ponds with Mimi.

July 24th - We float down the Green River with Poppie and Nonnie. Mama and the babies in the big tube.

July 29th-31st - Dada is an amazing concrete counter top engineer!

Mama tries her hand at smoothing the concrete. It's hard. They turn out beautiful!!! This is before the sanding and additional stain.

July 31st - Mimi's last day with us up here - for now!

4th of July 2017

We started off the day by watching the boat parade off of our dock, catching the candy that the boats threw at us and cheering.

The kids ate candy while we worked on the remodel. I put together more cabinets and Dada and Poppie worked on electrical.

Later on Steve and Shmee came over and we took a break to play corn hole and little ones made mud pies.

When it got dark we let all the kids send up a lantern and we watched some fireworks over the lake.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Remodel and Camps

The kitchen remodel on June 21st.

The cage that Jasper built on June 22nd. They loved being trapped! It's been an amazingly warm summer. The kids are still doing school, but play outside in between all the time.

June 24th - the kids helped get rid of the huge pile of debris by cutting it into firewood size pieces and hauling it down to the wood pile.

June 25 - July 1 - The big kids go to Black Lake Bible Camp for the week. There was a cute barn, so we posed for family pic too.

Kivi got to stay in a tepee with her favorite counselor Picasa and 4 other girls from LC3. Jasper and Eben stayed in a wagon with three other LC3 boys and had Baja as a counselor.

They had a fun week! The only pictures I got were these cool ones of them posing with a wolf and an alligator.

Pella and Berg also had camp that week. They went to Rainier View's Drama Camp and gave us a performance on Friday of "Let's Rock". They were both singers.

On June 26th our friends the McPhollands came to visit from Hawaii so we went to the Children's Museum in Olympia that morning, visited Eben, Kivi and Jasper at camp that afternoon and had a bunch of friends over that night for dinner for a reunion.

July 1st - Tuff and Coal love to go in the swing that is attached to the garage. They go in it every day while I quiz Berg on his multiplication cards in the papasan chair outside. This day Tuff fell asleep - so cute.

July 2nd - Mama works hard for a couple of days in a row to put all the kitchen cabinets together. Tuff loves to be a helper, but it's actually Eben and Kivi who do all the heavy lifting for Mama who can't move them once they're assembled.